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  • Baby Bunching™ is two years of pregnancy and back-to-back infants and toddlers with nary a break for you. Baby Bunching means chaos for you, and your little twiblings. No worries, they become good friends as a result of your bunching strategy. You will become strong, creative, organized, calm and at peace with your new lifestyle without even realizing it.

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Jul 08, 2011


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I realized early on with my first that I am way too short to use a crib. We had a hand-me-down dropside crib that made too much noise, so we never actually dropped it down. But then I always felt like I was throwing or dropping my kids in because I was so short! After that I started using a pack n play - it's much shorter and easier to put the babies in and out of. It's also great that they have their familiar crib with them when we travel!


My kids actually loved to be dropped into their cribs. The mattress was really high, and the rail was down when they were tiny babies. By the time they were in danger of getting out on their own, they had the neck and back muscles required to make a drop of six to twelve inches fun rather than hazardous.


I think it's good. When we were in temp housing for a job relocation we had a drop side crib to use at our appt. One night I walked into our room, we kept our son with us to ease all the transition, to find the 1 side on top of him! It was such a scary sight. I'm grateful he wasn't injured, & my heart goes out to all of those who had that unfortunate experience. We ended up duct taping it to stay up. Thus, we don't any & I would recommend against them to family & friends.


I remember the drop side crib that we had growing up-- metal hardware and all. The dropside cribs that I looked at shopping for my son are terrible! Plastic hardware not sturdy at all. I use a drop-gate with my daughter. I wish the recall hadn't done away with all adjustable crib hights, but the current dropside cribs were pretty crummy.


We used a drop side whilst I was heavily pregnant as I couldn't get my expanding bump close enough to the cot to put my son in. We are very lucky that my son is very gentle with his cot and has never attempted to climb out (even at 2). Is never put my daughter in one as she lives to try and shake her cot to pieces and no drop side could withstand the abuse. Our fixed side cot is much sturdy but the drop side was anessential and sleep saver when I was pregnant


I had a healthy fear of drop-sides long before they were deemed "unsafe". I never even got one to begin with. I am not at all surprised that they are now banned.


We've chosen and used fixed side (4 way convertible...) cribs for both kids, so I'm probably not the best to evaluate this, but I've never understood the NEED for a dropside, anyway. I'm 5'1 and I've never had a problem putting my kids in the cribs we have. My kids are only 20 months apart, so the 1st one was still in her crib as a crib (not a toddler bed configuration) throughout my 2nd pregnancy. My SIL had a drop side crib that was a Graco and that thing was deeper (the side you leaned over to put the baby in the crib was MUCH higher off the ground/mattress than my cribs') and a bigger pain than either of my fixed side cribs (Simplicity and DaVinci sleigh style).

I think the conventional wisdom was that a drop side was what you used and it was supposed to be "easier" but my experience was that they were a) WAY more trouble the time we used it at my SILs and b) made way WAY cheaper than similarly priced fixed side cribs. Neither of my kids have been able to climb out of their cribs and even at the lowest setting (which is only like 4" off the ground) I was still easily able to lay them down (yes, even 9 months preggo). And I don't think THAT many people have their kids 15-20 months apart where the eldest is still in the crib configuration so its not a big deal to have to do it preggers. The other part is that both my cribs are 4 in 1 convertibles...meaning you get to use that $250 (without coupons or sales!) crib for at least 5 years. I think that was the biggest draw I've heard for drop sides - the price.

As far as it being a good thing that they've been banned - I think anything that has this many problems, and is wholly unnecessary (since there are fixed side, pack n' play, etc options) is probably not really worth having on the market, but dictating that people CAN"T use one if they want to is a little silly. You want to put your kid in one, that's your business as far as I'm concerned!

Ruth Pfeiffer

When I think about I lived when I was growing up, with today's rules and standards I should have died in childhood. I did everything we are told today not to do. I had a good childhood and I was not abused but I rode in cars without seat belts, without car seats for baby's, I rode in the back of my father's pick-up truck, I had old hand-me-down old baby furniture, etc. and I survived. Imagine that! And the crib I used for my own children had sides that could be lowered for easy access, and my kids also survived. I am all for safety but I do think we take things to far these days. We need to bring back commom sense and not let our government dictate how we live our lives.

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