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Mar 29, 2011


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I completely agree with this post. My son had reflux and literally cried the first 6 months of his life away. It wasn't until I had my second child that I realized what a settled, content baby looked like. I do believe all babies have reflux to some degree - some are 'happy spitters' and some appear to be in so much pain it breaks your heart.

I am a Registered Nurse and very uneasy about what I feel is over-labeling/over-diagnosing/over-medicating in pediatric care. But that day at the Emergency Room back when my son was 5 weeks old - after 36 hrs straight of him crying - I literally begged the pediatrician to give us something to ease the pain - for us, and for my son! For what it's worth, we didn't see an instant cure with the medication. We tried three difference acid blocking medications and put him on a specialty hypoallergenic formula and while he settled somewhat, he still was a fussy, pukey baby. Once he learned to sit and then stand, the reflux improved quite a bit. At 22 months old, he still "regurgitates" his food from time to time but diagnostic tests say there's nothing surgical to correct. He's just destined to be a barfy, allergy prone kid. It's a good thing he's so darn cute :)

Having a newborn is hard enough as it is and my heart goes out to any parent of a colicky, reflux baby. If that's you and you're reading this - hang in there! It does get better.


Thank you for posting this. I still feel guilty that I did not advocate for my son (babe #1) more because in retrospect, I think he was suffering from reflux to the max. We too tried new formulas, change in my diet, special bottles but he still had ongoing reflux symptoms. The non-stop crying was chalked up to Colic by our "new age" pediatrician and we were encouraged to SWADDLE and SHUUSH until the cows came home. None of it worked.
Along come babe #2 less than a year later and from day one when she let out a burp so loud it rattled the hosptial, I knew we were on the same path (babe #1 was still urpy burpy at this point). After a week of notstop projectile spit up, I demaded that our peditrician (we switched by this point)do something. It took a few tries but eventually a compounded version of proton pump inhibitor worked...for both babies. It took nearly a year for my son to get some relief of his reflux. :(


Our daughter was a violent spitter...probably/definitely had reflux...but she was so happy even when spitting out a whole bottle that we never bothered with anything. My son though was happy as a clam, never spit, nursed well, etc....until he started rice cereal. He went all FTT on us and for months barely ate, barely drank. Every dr known to rural Ohio (heh) told me he was fine, some kids are slow eaters, on and on...as I was forcing (LITERALLY) food down his throat as he choked to keep him alive for the first year and a half of his life. Finally around 2 I got someone to let me try reflux meds (after weight checks, high calorie diets, supplements, going off milk (which he is also allergic to), and after developing all sort of behavioral issues. He turned into a different kid--not that it saved us admission into Early Intervention and continued issues even at age 3.5. Because he was in constant pain (and was probably genetically prone anyway) he developed some severe sensory issues. If any of the doctors had listened to me when I started asking for some prilosec or prevacid, he'd likely have not needed as much help as we've had to get him. Including an upcoming scope because he screams that his stomach hurts even still.

In short, don't trust anyone but yourself, even if they hold a medical degree! The kid that doesn't need reflux meds still takes two doses a day.


My 3 month old has silent reflux. It's heartbreaking when we forget his meds. Great post!


Thank you so much for posting this! I just wish I'd seen it in Dec., my youngest has silent reflux and just got on the meds in feb (at 3 mo age). I gave up nursing and went through all the formulas too. were on soy with a hefty prevacid dose. I hate that she was in so much pain, that it ruined nursing and that we spent so long wanting to stuff ANYTHING in our ears to block out the crying. I mean ANYTHING. I hope others lean from this and dont go thru what we did!


I wish I'd seen a post like this a month ago! My second baby was just diagnosed with reflux at 8 weeks. We had no idea what was going on with her before that -- she was just constantly fussy and unhappy. Our first baby was colicky (aren't we lucky?), but she only screamed from 6pm-midnight and slept and ate normally during the day. I never knew two babies could be so different. Anyway, once we got some baby Prevacid, our little girl has finally been able to get some sleep, and so have we. Seems like a miracle drug!


I am a newbie to this blog, and I am soooo grateful to have found it (thank you to Rookiemoms.com for the link). I have 2 kids, 7 months and 29 months, and have read every post and past post religiously. Thank you!

My youngest has reflux and, like you, I did not know. It was my SIL who heard her after 2 day crying marathon and told me to get the doctor,stat. We started reflux meds the next day and within 3 days, my daughter was a different baby. I'm not a doctor and offer the same disclaimers as you, but I also tell new moms with crying babies to at least explore the reflux possibility.

Again, thank you for your blog. You make a BIG difference in my life!


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