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  • Baby Bunching™ is two years of pregnancy and back-to-back infants and toddlers with nary a break for you. Baby Bunching means chaos for you, and your little twiblings. No worries, they become good friends as a result of your bunching strategy. You will become strong, creative, organized, calm and at peace with your new lifestyle without even realizing it.

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Apr 22, 2010


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oh man, I had some advice for you, but I've got nothing. Just wanted to say that sucks and I so sorry you're having to deal w/ it right now.

It seems like it should be illegal to fire you for being pregnant. I would definitely check into it.


Motherhood IS my career.

Rachel O.

Very upsetting indeed. Don't let the hormones and stress and exhaustion keep you from pursuing your legal options!


That is completely unfair. You should look into both your legal options, and other job options--maybe a work from home job. Maybe this is a chance for you to find your dream job! Try to keep up positive thoughts as you deal with this stress.


So sorry this happened to you! Not sure of the laws in Canada, but in the US it seems like you would easily win this case as long as there was no record of a performance issue. I hope you printed out the positive/praise emails from your boss--those would be excellent evidence in your support. Agree w/others to balance the negative w/the positive. Clearly this employer stinks, and down the road this will probably turn out for the best...but hard to see that when you're very pregnant and forced to job hunt. I agree there are career repercussions to baby bunching - although ususally not this severe!

Clare D

That is truly awful. You need to take some time out to calm down and work out your options. In the UK this would be illegal and unless your employer can show that there was a really 'GOOD' reason why you were no longer suitable for the job they have acted completely against the law. You need to collate as much evidence as possible that you were performing well in your job. I hope that you do feel you can take action against them. Good luck and try and stay calm.


Oh wow. I worked as an HR manager before becoming a SAHM. I don't know Canadian laws and this post doesn't give enough details, but just from what I see - you should definitely pursue your legal options. If you lived in CA you would collect enough money from that lawsuit to last you for at least two more pregnancies and a house... with a lake. Also, if you end up taking the to court try not to mention any of it to your new employer when looking for another job... It will just freak them out for no reason. Best of luck! and lots of ((hugs))


Urgh, that sucks. Though I am a big believer in long maternity leaves, I think this is an example of where it can work against you. I had my two exactly 2 years apart, but since I only took 3 months of leave with each (live in the US) it didn't impact my employer so badly.

Still, it sounds like you should have some recourse legally, as others say. it doesn't sound right that they can replace you. If the position was being eliminated that is one thing, but to lay you off and replace you with someone not pregnant, especially since it sounds like you were working really hard for them, sounds very wrong.

Karen R.

A new family member triumps a job that takes me that much away from my family in the first place. My baby and toddler need me more than any employer. I feel for her because I went through something similar but loosing that job was the best thing that ever happened because it was then I embraced motherhood as a career and a fullfillment that no job ever brought to my heart and life. Your outside job is not your identity, your a mother first embrace it. I dont think this is a cautionary tale but a blessing in disguise.


I am appalled by some of the comments. Of course we are all mothers first but for some of us financial reality makes being a SAHM impossible. I'm sure the author values her time as a mother and sees motherhood as a career but this does not excuse her employer from acting in an illegal manner.

I would think that moms, especially those of us with a bunch or with a soon to be bunch would be more supportive. Having two so close in age creates a unique financial and work situation.



Appalled? Really? None of the comments I see here are in any way stating that what they did to her was the "right thing." No one here is saying that this woman is choosing her career before her children. What I see here are other moms who are supporting her and encouraging her.

Appalled? I think you're being oversensitive and making a big deal out of non-existant drama.


Yes Karen, I stand by my word choice. I think you need to read through the comments again. While for some being laid off may be a blessing for those of us who cannot afford to be unemployed it is not.


I agree with Elaina's word choice as well. It really does bother me when commenters turn a truly awful situation into a SAHM vs Working Mother argument. Both are valuable and worthwhile. Everyone here knows what the writer meant by Career and that she wasn't saying SAHM is not a valuable career. Why can't we just come together and support each other in our decisions regardless of whether we work "outside of the home" or not?


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