what is baby bunching?

  • Baby Bunching™ is two years of pregnancy and back-to-back infants and toddlers with nary a break for you. Baby Bunching means chaos for you, and your little twiblings. No worries, they become good friends as a result of your bunching strategy. You will become strong, creative, organized, calm and at peace with your new lifestyle without even realizing it.

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Feb 18, 2010


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Love this! I didn't know that Lovey had been run over...I love the idea and may have to file it away for later use if necessary!


This was amazing. Thanks for the advice!


This is the most well timed entry I have read yet. My youngest is 2 months, and my oldest will be 17 months next week. We moved last week, my house is a mess and my toddler is testing me at every turn, especially when he knows I can't reach him. Climbing on furniture, pulling on blinds and playing with the trash can are the current favorites. I just try to survive.


AMEN!!!!! And when none of your friends are experiencing the same frustration factors it makes you (well me anyway) wonder what the heck I'm doing wrong.

My oldest was/is the strong willed one as well and nothing we tried worked with her. I now know what it's like to raise an "average" child and am amazed how well he listens and responds to discipline (unlike his sister!).

Ahhhh, I once again wish I had found this site 2 years ago, would have loved to have a "bunching" convention...without the kids there though :o


Seriously. My kids are insane.


I think that because they are close together I am actually much, much, much less tolerant of crazy behavior. We are STRICT with them. And for the most part it works. Sure, the one spends most of her days in time outs, but whatever. And, additionally, we do spank for approprate crimes. And I'd have SO spanked if they ran into the street/parkinglot. If nothing else to make them understand that that's a danger of HURT since they can't understand that any other way.

Kimberley Kramer

I am so happy to have found this blog! My boys are 24 and 8 months and the rock star is beginning to test limits and is throwing food on the floor,and running into the street too! We put a hook on the stroller that he loves to hold on to, so that has helped.
Advice needed: every time we go to church rock star lasts about 15 minutes before he has a complete meltdown and has to be taken out. The problem is he dosen't want to be seperated from mom or dad and just cries even louder...should we go to seperate services for a while, or do we just deal with the tantrums so he gets used to going?


My brother was a runner and my mom showed him a squirrel that had been run over in an attempt to show him the consequences of his actions.

Unfortunately he just thought it was cool. Very very cool.

Upside, he is now in med school. So while he doesn't run into the road anymore, he still finds stuff like that cool.


Baby Bunching

See what an affect it had on him! Your mom should be proud. He doesnt run into the road anymore, but he totally gets what it means and fixes those who do (or whose moms didnt show them what it meant to get pancaked!)

Baby Bunching

Kimberley - Tough call there, but we did a post on this awhile back at http://www.babybunching.com/baby_bunching/2009/06/baby-bunching-battles-church.html  and a few of the commentors had good suggestions.  Good luck!


I would just add that you absolutely always have to follow through. If you say you are taking a toy away if the toddler continues throwing it, you better take it away. And if you tell you kid they get a time out for hitting, you have to drop everything and time them out every.single.time. If you don't follow through, they'll steamroll you, especially if you have a nursling hanging off your boob 12 hours a day.

Baby Bunching

Jenni--Yes, you are SO very right on this. Yes, always, always follow through. Or in my world, I think REALLY hard about my threats before I make them. Taking away a DVD is as much for me as for them. :-)


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Michelle young

I love this post! I recently took the TV away for a month in an effort to regain control. It worked, but I've also noticed some other trigers that add to buncher's frustration... Once I test it for a few weeks I'll report back ;)

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