what is baby bunching?

  • Baby Bunching™ is two years of pregnancy and back-to-back infants and toddlers with nary a break for you. Baby Bunching means chaos for you, and your little twiblings. No worries, they become good friends as a result of your bunching strategy. You will become strong, creative, organized, calm and at peace with your new lifestyle without even realizing it.

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Jan 10, 2010


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Rachel O.

Thanks for the sweet post... Encouraging to a mom of a toddler who is trying to appreciate everything while keeping up with #2...


Loved it!


A good reminder to savor these precious moments with my toddler... even when I'm frazzled b/c of the baby. :)


My younger son is teetering on the edge of toddlerhood at 9 months and I have been bracing myself as I have hated my older son's toddlerhood. Your post has inspired me to look at this with new eyes, albeit tired as my 2 year old already has given up naps and the baby stilll doesn't sleep through the night.


i could not have said it better myself. i have 3 girls just about your same months apart though we started a little later. i am SO in love with the baby stage now and i always hated it before. and i also completely feel the same about being sad for what i missed. thanks for putting it all into words.

Therese Green

I know exactly what you mean - I have been breastfeeding or pregnant for 6 years now, with 4 kids. Survival mode is SO hard. I am now enjoying each one of them so much, mostly because they play together so well that I actually have time to myself. The youngest is 6 months and he is an angel.
I think I am also realizing how quickly the years have gone by!

A Shorter Mama

Just wanted to drop by and let you know I am joining your club of parenting three:) I am due in July and hope to appreciate this post even more in two years when I can actually notice #3 growing and changing. Being pg the 3rd time around is it's own challenge but I am looking forward to my Act 3, where I get a second chance at all this parenting stuff:)

Now, if I could just look like you after #3;)

Cara Fox

Shorter Mama - YAY! Congrats!!!!! Are you hoping for a girl this go-round or content to round out with "My Three Sons" like me. ; )

North Face Denali

So fun article is! I know more from it.

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