what is baby bunching?

  • Baby Bunching™ is two years of pregnancy and back-to-back infants and toddlers with nary a break for you. Baby Bunching means chaos for you, and your little twiblings. No worries, they become good friends as a result of your bunching strategy. You will become strong, creative, organized, calm and at peace with your new lifestyle without even realizing it.

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Sep 23, 2009


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This is fantastic. We are busted, lol. No, really, it's called being resourceful. :)

Cara Fox

Our Y has an outdoor pool and when I joined, I SWORE I was going to put my kids in child care for an hour and lie around the pool once a week. I never could quite bring myself to do it and am wondering why the hell not.

Next summer FOR SURE.


I fully admit to using the gym to shower. The side benefit being I feel like a weenie if I don't exercise for a little bit. I.LOVE. MY. GYM!
Best of all so do the kids. My 6 yo is envious of the others getting to go. She wants to go on the weekends and I have had to catch myself from saying,"but sweeite, on the weekends daddy is here so I don't have to go there to shower..."


Ha! This post cracks me up. I've tried taking my 2 to the gym with me a few times because I really miss working out on a regular basis and enjoying having "me" time for a bit. My oldest isn't too keen yet on being left in childcare there but it looks like a lot of fun once they get used to it. Your post makes me realize I just need to do and not feel guilty about it.


I love my gym... It's the only place I can shower regularly and get a break from the kids! And then my bunch got sick. I haven't been in 3 weeks!! I'm so bummed.


Busted? No we are resourceful, right? ;)

Love this post - I have done it too. OMG the SHOWER alone in the over 18 women's locker room? HEAVEN!


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