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  • Baby Bunching™ is two years of pregnancy and back-to-back infants and toddlers with nary a break for you. Baby Bunching means chaos for you, and your little twiblings. No worries, they become good friends as a result of your bunching strategy. You will become strong, creative, organized, calm and at peace with your new lifestyle without even realizing it.

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Aug 05, 2009


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Ninja Mom

The most important thing is not what car seat you have, but that you are USING IT PROPERLY. I have never seen a car seat being used properly, ever. Even if you think you've got it right, even if it's just a booster, get it checked by a CPST. Your local police and/or fire station will be able to direct you to one.

As far as rear facing - this does not just apply to bucket carriers. It applies to convertible seats too. Most convertibles rear face to 35 pounds these days. If that means your child is three years old before youturn them around, fine! A child's head is much larger than their body and they can be internally decaptitaed while front facing, even in a minor fender bender. It's okay if their feet touch the back of the car's seat, so long as their head is an inch below the top of the shell of the carseat. I don't care if your child hates rear facing and you shouldn't either. Your child's safety is 10,000 times more important than whteher they like it or not.

Also, never use a car seat that has expired. They all have expiration and date of manufature dates on the back. Look for them. The plastic degrades over time, so a 6 year old car seat (expired) is NOT safe. The seat can literally break into pieces in a car accident, killing your child.

Lastly, never use aftermarket products. The BundleMe can kill your child in an accident, because it is placed between the seat and the straps, and it compresses in an accident, loosening the straps and ejecting your child. Head rests, strap covers, homemeade fancy seat covers - all of these things can cause the seat to malfunction. The carry bar should never be left up on an infant bucket carrier because in a roll over, it can snap and kill you rbaby. (There are a select few models with reinforced handles... check your manual.)

A $40 seat is just as safe as a $400 seat. They are all tested to the same standards. But using a car seat improperly is akin to using no seat at all. Read your instruction manual, use the seat properly, and have the seat installed and checked by a CPST. Not doing these things can literally mean the life or death of your child.


The problem with skipping the convertible would be that it would be nearly impossible to keep most children rearfacing even just to the new American Academy of Pediatrics recommendations to keep kids rearfacing at least until their second birthday and preferably to the limits of their carseat! Better to go for a nice TALL seat with a higher weight limit like the First Years Learning Curve Trufit (Which I must say, I like every bit as much as our Britax) or the aforementioned Radian (which now has a 40lb rearfacing limit on all seats made after sept. 08) that may fit many kids until they get to a safe boostering age. Then, go for a dedicated booster if your child is ready for one as they often fit a lot of kids better than the combo seats anyway and can be more affordable.


Things I wish I had known: How the beautiful base of my reclining Graco seat makes installation in an airplane near to impossible! Not that we fly that often, but wow - it was miserable. For kid #2 I looked for a small base (that still reclined - yay, Maxi-Cosi!)

3 under 4?

With 2 girls 18m apart and a plan for #3 before #2 is 2.5, Radians have changed my life! As easy to install as all things Britax, but I can fit between the seats, no joke :)

Just a note, though...the Radian 80 is no taller top-slot wise than the 65. So save your money unless you have short, stocky kids.


The AOE is a great rear-facing seat but not a good Forward-facing seat and a awful booster. Plus you can't use the top slot.

Now there is a new AOE that has higher top-slots and you can use the top slot unlike the older one. it also harness up to 50lbs. so it's much better.

But the idea to gt everyone a big convertibles is a great idea.

Cara Fox

Ninja Mom - thank you for the safety comments! This wasn't designed to be a safety post (we totally should've done one this week, though) but safety is always the first and foremost concern - you're right. And I love your comment about how cost doesn't matter, it's proper installation that does. I have a $35 car seat that I adore and feel totally safe with - because it meets standards and my local CPST has checked it.


Just a quick comment that those big convertibles don't fit very well rear facing in a lot of smaller cars, especially if you or your partner have long legs. We could not fit a rear facing Britax Marathon in our Subaru Wagon without pulling the front passenger seat all the way forwards, so had to go with Roundabouts.


The Recaro line of carseats is amazing! If you're not familiar with Recaro, they make racecar seats for the pro circuit. We love the super safe and comfortable seats. Their ProRIDE convertible (currently about $260 at amazon) goes up to 50" and 70 pounds. We fit three across in our Expedition no problem and the boys almost always fall asleep in them because they're so plush. I have no complaints (other than the fact that I've spent almost $900 on carseats!) and we've had our oldest one for well over two years now. They clean up easily in the washer and withstand everything that my brood (a tall 3.5, 2.5 and 1 yr old) throws at them (literally at times...).

7 seater cars

Having a car is every man's dream, I wish to have one!


Good post , never use a car seat that has expired. They all have expiration and date of manufacture dates on the back.


Did they really have to put a "POST TEST" sign on it? I mean seriously? lol @Idefix - Not really, what about full size trucks and SUVs? Or what about the older "tank" cars? Plus she did say tests that include roll over. It's the materials and and how it's constructed. Of course in my opinion the bigger size helps a little, but I also read that the older big 80s cars do worse than some of the smaller current cars (I believe they put some older cars to current test) so a bigger front end and sides isn't everything.

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