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  • Baby Bunching™ is two years of pregnancy and back-to-back infants and toddlers with nary a break for you. Baby Bunching means chaos for you, and your little twiblings. No worries, they become good friends as a result of your bunching strategy. You will become strong, creative, organized, calm and at peace with your new lifestyle without even realizing it.

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Apr 22, 2009


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Kristy Snyder

I am excited that they focus on unisex for older kids. I look for clothes that go beyond gender identification...I hate the pinky pinks for my girl or the blue trucks for my boy. Yeah!! What a great find!

Ariel Kaplan

Honestly, I look at for clothes that are inexpensive. They get outgrown so quickly, and my twins get so messy eating and crawling outside that they need several wardrobe changes during the day.

Since I have a boy and a girl in the same size, clothes that are unisex are also a big plus. As are clothes that will fit on skinny kids- so many of the brand-names are designed for standard, chunky babies and I have a heck of a time finding stuff that will fit on my tall, skinny ones.

Arlene Wagner

These clothes are awesome. It's hard to find simple, inexpensive clothes that you can pretty much wear year round and not wear out after a few months. My boys are so rough with their clothes, and they can get pretty dirty especially when they are "helping" me out in my garden. It's always nice to find durable clothes that will last at least two little boys and can pass onto friends if they want them. What a wonderful find.


this sounds fantastic! high quality and unisex will be great for my future children. my 3 month old still has tons of stuff from when my 1 1/2 year old was wearing it, but i know after all the oxyclean soaks and washes, baby #3 (whenever he/she comes) won't have such a selection.
thanks for the post :)


I love hearing about different clothing brands for kids. So glad you introduced me! The thing I look for most in kids' clothing is comfort.

Jayne B.

Having three girls (4, 2, and 4 months) I am now looking for quality in clothes that will stand the test of time. I see how Old Navy and Target stuff are shrinking or falling apart yet the Hanna Anderson hand-me-down playdress is still going strong (and it went through two kids before we received it!)
I love that and it makes me realize that to buy quality you may have fewer clothes but they will last longer.
I'm loving the stripes at Polarn O. Pyret! Thanks for introducing me to the website! And for the chance to win something wonderful!


I look for clothes that are gonna hold up!! My 18 month old seems rough on clothes and I'm not sure how much I'll be able to save for my 1 month old!!!

Cara Fox

I'm with Jayne B. on the realization that Old Navy and Target stuff doesn't stand the test of time. Now that my boys are older (5 and 3 1/2), I'm lucky if those make it through one kid half the time. I've started to bite the bullet and commit to Gap stuff because it holds up much better, although everything is pretty much threadbare by the time my third is done with it - LOL. If I had girls, I'd be all over Hanna Andersson but I'm not wild about their boy stuff. Maybe this is a new solution!


I look for coverage! It totally bugs me when shirts are too short to cover their tummies or pants are too low to cover the rest.

I also like cute! :)


I look for inexpense and cuteness, but not cuteness in a BABY baby way. My motto is "kids are people too!" and if I would NEVER HAVE WORN IT or if it says something retarded like "BABY" or "LITTLE PRINCESS!" across it, it's out. I'm also not a fan of cartoon crap.


so few of my clothes can get handed down from big sis to little brother. I've saved a few t-s (white/brown) for "spaghetti night", and he's acquired a few pairs of PJs & lately I've put a jean jacket in the pile, but I wish more could get handed down (especially as she looks girly & he looks like a boy, so the "girliness" or lack thereof of her clothes doesn't matter :)


Thanks for the heads up!!

I love fun(ky) coordinated pieces that fit well and are well made.


I've been trying to "pass down" clothes from my daughter to my son but haven't been very successful at finding unisex clothes past the newborn stage. I actually put a pair of my daughter's unworn purple pjs on my son since they *seemed* universal. Um-still too girly. I had given up- until now! I look for simple designs in cool colors and comfort. Mix and match items are also a plus. Thanks!


I look for functionality. With two boys everything gets worn twice!


I look for clothes that don't fade or pill after a few washes. Stuff that is cute and comfortable enough to actually play in. I'm also not a fan of characters or writing on kids clothes. Unisex is great since I have a boy and two girls (4, 2, 2mo).

B Rachel

Unisex is key!! It is so nice to have hand-me-downs for my son that are not pink!!!


I like inexpensive! I also am not into cutesy, and being on kid #2 (of my hopefully 4), gender neutral and tough are great! I hate that so many items are light colored, and frequently complain that all the light stuff gets stained so easily. I bow to red and navy blue:)


I'm looking for inexpensive clothes that don't look like they are...and I want them to last! Dark colors, too, so the stains aren't as obvious.

And, I signed up for POP+.

julie johnson

i like pants with extra material at the knees so all the crawling and running and playing doesn't wear down the clothing at that spot quickly. i also like something soft but durable like a good cotton so it doesn't make those icky red patches on their skin and washes well:) with 2 little boys these are must for me!


Well, my twin boys just turned two yesterday, and their little sister is jumping around kicking me between what feels like the LONGEST EVER warm-up contractions today. We're so sad to have missed the 'three kids under two' mark! But we're just getting into the NO 'PRINCESS' on anything effort and trying to buy slightly less masculine clothes for the boys so that they can pass things down - which means that almost every present the boys have opened have monster truck logos on them.
When we shop, we look for 'what was fun to wear when we were little' and layerable, soft/warm last-forever underclothes - such as long johns, stripey osh-kosh overalls or awesome big pockets and cowboy boots... red shoes, fun hats, and soon we'll get to do sunday dresses, woohoo! I'm from a texas family full of swedes - I can't wait to show my dad this company!

Sumer Thurston Evans

I look for matching boy/girl outfits. You can only take advantage of the twin thing so long...


I look for stuff that is original, durable, and can last more than one season and kid. Since my 3 year old is small, we are on our third year of shorts from Oshkosh and fifth year on shorts from Target. My extended family loves to buy original T-shirts for the boys and since we added a girl in October, I have started my hunt for distinctive stuff for her...although hand me downs seem to be her wardrobe and that suits my wallet just fine! :)

Danielle E.

They look adorable and I only hope that they would hold up as much as they seem to!!

Lona Klein

It has to fit well, and hold up after multiple washings. Target's clothes just won't last...I go with Gymboree or Janie and Jack because the durability makes the price worth it. Also, I tend to shop end of season sales...so I guess I am less concerned with trendy that I am with price. I will buy secondhand if I like the brand.

Rachel O.

I look for much of the same things you do regarding clothes for my bunch. With a girl and then a boy, unisex is always useful. Along with washability, I would like to add "dryability" (as in, does not need be ironed, will line or machine dry to look reasonably like an article of clothing). Also, matchability is helpful. Too many of my daughter's clothes have random prints on them that only work with ONE shirt or ONE pair of pants. If I already used that other article of clothing, I have to wait til the next laundry cycle. So POP seems to fit the bill!


This looks great! The thing I look for in most kids clothing is comfort and how easy it is to for my kids to get on and off! I also love anything unisex. I have two boys, and just had my third baby...a girl...so needless to say anything they wore that I can put her in is a plus!


I look for outfits that are cute. But it seems that everything looks cute on my baby (but I'm biased :)


How fun! I look for things that are inexpensive and look comfortable. My son is on the move all the time so his clothes shouldn't hold him back!


we basically look for cheap clothes that will wear well and that are easy to maintain (wash and wear). this means we shop a lot at the thrift store around her. we would love something new for a change...

Uyen Ha

We look for clothes that are good quality, soft and stretchy so it is easy to put on, and easy to maintain. We don't mind paying a little more for good quality. We also like something that has a unique look, like the styles this brand carries.


I have three active boys (ages 5, 3, and 1) and I look for both durability and aesthetics when choosing clothes for them.


I have 2 boys (2.5, 1) and a girl on the way...I am a sucker for cute (but not cutsie) but mostly it's a combo of price & durability. I also look for all natural fabrics for most things.


What a wonderful sounding company! I have known about Hannah Anderson for some time, now. Clothing that is organic cotton, comfortable; yet, looks good and pieces that mix and match are fabulous! Of course, a
fair price is always nice. Unisex is great
because if you have boys and girls, then it can be passed on without any problems. I would enjoy trying clothing from Polarn O.
Pyret! Please count me in on your delightful giveaway drawing. Many thanks! Cindi

Amanda Bargallo

I would like to say I look only for affordable quality attire, but what can I say I'm a sucker for irresistibly cute and stylish duds.

Mama Cas

i would have to say that i look for versatility... And the ability to hold it's shape wear after wear.... i have 2 girls (9 mo and almost 3) my older girl doesn't stretch things out of shape, she's the tall skinny one who always has to wear a belt, but the younger one stretches everything out of shape. they are 21 mo apart, and just one pants size apart. so soon i'm going to need things that can be worn by either one and still look good, and still be small enough to fit the eldest after the youngest has worn it.

Alexandra Taylor

My 2 boys are 16 months apart so I am looking for durability and cute couldn't either. I hope I win!!!


I love cute but different clothing. It can't be cutesy or have any characters on it. It drives me nuts when kids are all walking around with spongebob or spiderman!


I am a total sucker for stripes esp. a Frenchy looking boatneck tee on a little girl and a crisp new turtleneck on a little boy. I love bright preppy colors that don't fade after oodles of washing.

POP has it all!

Abigail Cline

I love stripes - totally classic yet modern! Very cute stuff!


Quality and affordability top my list for must-haves in regards to clothing! I do love Hanna Andersson and had never heard of this company...very exciting concept!


Isn't it ironic that with all the "Baby Bunching" that there is a baby clothing product at "BabyBunches.com"? I will just bet that if anyone mentions this blog when visiting this site they will get a special offer...


I love any bright color that can withstand numerous washings, getting dirty is encouraged around here.

Cynthia Marx

I love the unisex idea, and all the bright colors! Thank you!

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