what is baby bunching?

  • Baby Bunching™ is two years of pregnancy and back-to-back infants and toddlers with nary a break for you. Baby Bunching means chaos for you, and your little twiblings. No worries, they become good friends as a result of your bunching strategy. You will become strong, creative, organized, calm and at peace with your new lifestyle without even realizing it.

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Mar 17, 2009


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I had three under three...but I'm no help because I just made my 2 1/2 year old walk...or he rode on my husband's shoulders.


I have children three spaced 17 months and 20 months apart. I have literally owned ever stroller on the market--almost! When my third was born I sold my bugaboo and purchased the Phil and Ted with the double kit. Here was my rational behind choosing this stroller.

When my third was born my oldest was 3 and a half. I knew he would be in preschool the following year, which meant that I wouldn't have to take all three out together all the time. I also considered that for the first six to 9 months I could comfortably carry my infant in a carrier--I purchased the Ergo Baby Carrier. Even if I needed to have all three of kids buckled into the stroller or sling, I could easily accomplish this with the Phil and Ted and the baby carrier.

Now, a year later I still can put my four and a half year old and my three year old in the Phil and Ted while I carrier my youngest on my back, (which is actually comfortable).

Some other features I like about the Phil and Ted is that you can use it as either a single or a double, it has two double configurations, it's main seat is very wide and can hold a four or five year old, and it's extremely light weight. Some things I don't like: it's a little difficult to fold up, (I have the middle of the road version, but the top of the line version is suppose to be much easier to fold and brake), the break is difficult to release, and there could be more pockets.

I hope this helps!


I have three children spaced 17 months and then 20 months apart. My oldest was 3 when I had my third. Our garage is a testament to my want (and need!) to find the perfect stroller, which ironically does not exist. We have “mall” strollers, umbrella strollers and running strollers.

My first attempt at the stroller for three was the Joovy Big Caboose. I liked it for the most part. The price was high and I was a wee bit astounded that I had to pay an extra $32 for a parent thing (holds a drink, wallet, but not much else) on top of $350 asking price. It is big and heavy, but it holds three kids while you are shopping in a busy mall. The sit and stand portion has buckles when your child is in the sitting position. I used it until my oldest was closing in on 4 and then downgraded to the Joovy Sit and Stand. While I still have the Sit and Stand in my garage, I almost exclusively use a Maclaren (the only stroller for tall moms) umbrella stroller for my youngest and my two oldest walk. I’ve never been happier with a stroller!

Kate Coveny Hood

What?!? I was always rather bitter about the fact that there wasn't a sit n stand for three. And NOW it turns out that this joovy thing exists?

The only time I was ever able to transport all three with a stroller was when the twins were tiny and I could put one in the baby bjorn and the other in the double stroller with Oliver.

I could still probably get some use out of one of those strollers...but then again, Oliver already weighs over 50 lbs. So with my luck, I probably wouldn't be able to push the damn thing!

Grace Kim

At the end of this month, I will have 3 boys under 3 years old. I have been researching all over the internet for the best value stroller for my situation. The joovy caboose stroller sounds great, but I read so many reviews of its bulkiness and steering problems. Also, since my oldest is starting morning daycare I won't have the need for a triple during the day since he and the 2nd son has nap time early afternoons. In the evening, my husband is home for family outings so I won't be alone handling 3 boys.

So I decided on a Sit and Stand Double Stroller with the detachable rear seat that converts to the sit and stand. My almost 3 year old son can just walk and take turns with the 18 month old if we're at the mall or walking, and if they are both tired then I can carry the infant in a carrier. We may also get a cheap umbrella stroller for the "just in case" moments when all three want to sleep.

I am hoping that I can "wing" it for a year using this method until my oldest son doesn't need to have a seat anymore. Baby bunching takes a big toll on your wallet so I am bargaining on Craigslist for my strollers. God bless all the moms who are enduring the short and difficult years of bringing up multiple children close in age! But the benefits are certainly worth it in the end!

Ergo Baby Carrier

Beco baby carriers and baby slings are really helpful in carrying your baby around when they are young....I love them !


I have a 2 year old an 11 month old and one on the way. I have a double Bob and we use it all the time with three when we have a frineds child with us .I have the oldest child sit on the front on the foot part and the others in the regular spot. it is actuall not that hard for them to balanmce on the front.

Clyde Larsen

My wife and I have 2 year old twins, a 9 month old and another due in April. We are wondering if there is any stroller for us? Are there attachable boogie boards to put on the back of a double?


The only stroller I've seen that might work for 4 is the Valco one, with the attachable toddler seat in front and the attachable standing platform in the back.


I have four kids, ages 6, 4, 2, and 10 months. (Spacing 25 months, 20 months, and 22 months.) I have the Valco single with the toddler seat & stroller board, the Valco double with the toddler seat, and a Combi single. The Valco double is AWESOME for the mall etc, as I can usually get three kids to sit in it (my active 4-year-old still likes to sit up in the toddler seat). I'll be very sad when they outgrow it. The Valco single w/toddler seat & stroller board was the perfect Disney stroller when they were 4/2/8 months.

Cheryl Rhodes

I have a daughter who just turned two in December and I have twins on the way - looking for travel system for two infants but also something that would fit a two year (saw the Joovy still too young to stand)old. any suggestions?

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