what is baby bunching?

  • Baby Bunching™ is two years of pregnancy and back-to-back infants and toddlers with nary a break for you. Baby Bunching means chaos for you, and your little twiblings. No worries, they become good friends as a result of your bunching strategy. You will become strong, creative, organized, calm and at peace with your new lifestyle without even realizing it.

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Feb 11, 2009


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We just went through this. Fortunately youngest outgrew his infant seat about the same time as oldest was outgrowing her roundabout (We love the roundabout too).

We decided on the radian 80 from sunshine kids for our oldest, while her brother inherited the roundabouts (we have 2 seats for each kid, one in each of our cars. That is a lot of seats!). The radian 80 is nice and small for smaller cars like ours, but goes up to 80lb in a 5 point harness, so should be the last seat she needs. If I was doing it again I'd go straight from the infant seat to this seat, since it can actually be used rear facing for smaller kids too. Best thing about it is for travelling. It folds in half, so though heavy, it is really easy to carry. And its cheaper than the britax seats. Only downside, the fabric colors are very limited.


We have, of course, four carseats of exactly the same type (two kids, two cars) at any given point, but we've been SUPER SUPER happy with Graco's Comfortspot for a convertable seat. It's slimmer than a lot of them, it seems comfortable (we take a lot of 3-14 hr trips and no one complains!) and it was $79 at BRU on sale both times we purchased them. Can't beat that! :)


I agree with geekymummy about the radian, though we have two radian 65s. The only difference between that one and the 80 the amount of weight it goes up to, but 65 is still pretty respectable, so we went with that one. My two older kids are in those and then the baby is in a Chicco Keyfit 30 infant seat, which goes up to 30 pounds and 30 inches, buying us a little more time with him in that seat. When he outgrows it, he will go into a radian and my oldest child will go into a booster. I'm able to fit 3 car seats across one bench seat with the radians, which has been a lifesaver.

Jenny P

I highly recommend the Graco SafeSeat in place of an infant seat. It's rear-facing only, but with a 30lb limit, you can use it the entire first year. It snaps in and out of the base and fits in all Graco strollers.

After he turned 1, we bought my son the SafeSeat Step 2 toddler seat, which is very cushy, but large. It sits up higher so toddlers can see out the window and reclines when they're asleep. Our son really likes it, but I do plan to look at other models when our daughter turns 1. The Step 2 is 20-40 lbs and up to 43 in, so I'm hoping it should hold him for several years.


I hear you...the car seat situation is tough! We actually have the Cosco Alpha and Omega Elite and love it. It can be tough to fit in some cars, but the base is optional and once we removed that it was extremely easy to install and use. One of its best features is that the straps are incredibly easy to adjust which is great for those days you realize your child grew 2 inches over night and needs it on the higher setting. We liked it so much that we actually bought it for our second child as well. Our oldest is now in a booster seat, our middle uses it as a forward facing seat, and our youngest rear facing. We tried the Britax and liked the Cosco much better. Just had to put my two cents in... =)

J. Fergie

you are right on with this post! currently, our configuration is as follows: Oldest in Graco booster; Middle in Britax Convertible; Baby in Evenflo Infant. My middle daughter will need to be moved soon (thanks for tip re the ears!) and so we'll get her a booster too and save the convertible for baby. Musical car seats. Whew!


We have two of the Britax Marathons and two of the Britax Frontiers. I love them all but the Frontier will convert into a booster seat and will stay with us.

Keep an eye on babycheapskate.com, they usually list the cheapest Britax sales when they pop up (I think this month is when they're the cheapest all year long). I bought mine for a huge discount.....


What great timing of your post! My 21 month old is in a convertible seat and my 6 month old is ready to move out of his infant seat (yes, he's a big/long baby!) I don't want to give up the infant carrier because at least one baby is easily contained, although it's extremely heavy. But, it's time to get a safer seat. I was wondering if I should look for another seat for my older child so I'm thankful for the great suggestions!


We have two Britax Boulevards. Yes, they were expensive, but on sale and had coupons which made them cheaper than the Marathon. We love them! And, we know we will need two at the same time.

Unfortunately, we don't have any back ups!

Justice Fergie

20% off Britax until tomorrow on Amazon!


Also wanted to share that the Fisher-Price Safe Voyage Deluxe (5-55 pounds!) is a Britax car seat, just sold under the FP name. (The included manual is even from Britax)
Albee has them for $129/free shipping.
We have this for our older guy, and one waiting for when the little one can no longer do the infant seat.


We also have two radian 65. Foldable for travel and narrow enough to fit in a tiny car. We love them, and I wish we would have bought them sooner.


I started with a Graco SafeSeat, then movedto Britax Roundabout & a Marathon. We are now in the Britax Regent & a Marathon which will be replaced tomorrow (when UPS shows up!) by a new Britax Frontier. Only complaint is that they take up a lot of room! Luckily, I opted for the extra seat in my van (it seats 8) so I have enough room for the two toddlers & the teenager & her friends... even the hubby & the dog! :0)

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