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  • Baby Bunching™ is two years of pregnancy and back-to-back infants and toddlers with nary a break for you. Baby Bunching means chaos for you, and your little twiblings. No worries, they become good friends as a result of your bunching strategy. You will become strong, creative, organized, calm and at peace with your new lifestyle without even realizing it.

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Jan 21, 2009


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Ninja Mom

When Beastie (now 17 months) was about 10 weeks old, we all went to the mall to buy school clothes. I was in the food court, which was packed with teenagers, and DH went to get some food. I sat at a table in the middle of the large crowded room, with the older kids near me and Beastie nursing.

At some point, I kind of went into a daze, and she popped off the boob. I sat there for, oh, maybe five whole minute before realizing that my baby was asleep and my WHOLE BOOB was on display for the entire food court to see!!

I'm nursing The Babe now, my fourth baby. So far, no flashing. But we're not weaners - we do child led weaning - so there is probably another two years of opportunity. I can see him plotting as we speak.


We used a nursing cover, it was a LIFESAVER!! I am big on top so there's no chance of nursing "discreetly" by just artfully arranging my clothing (if I uncovered just enough to expose the nipple for her that was a lot more flesh sticking out in public than I was comfortable with.) Also, I needed both hands to get settled and K has always loved to play with whatever I'm covered up with so the nursing cover gave me one extra hand to use and once we got good at things it actually gave me a FREE hand which is an amazing thing to have. It was also great for nursing in the mei tai carrier as I could just lower her down a little and get things arranged under the cover and didn't have to worry about whether the carrier was covering us up. I forgot the nursing cover when we flew to WI and on the plane I ended up trying to nurse under DH's sweatshirt. Thought I was doing a fairly good job too until I realized that she'd gotten hold of the edge and was peeking at the man in the next row over as she ate!!!


I used a nursing cover when I had my first and used it practically every day. For the first few months I was on maternity leave I would go walking with my daughter at the local outdoor mall every day. If she needed to feed I would just find a bench or even at lunch at a restaurant, put the cover on and feed her while having both my hands free to hold and position the baby and not having to worry about a blanket slipping off or showing anything I didn't want to show. The one I had was super lightweight material - although hideous pattern - but kept her cool even on hot days while feeding and kept me covered. I think I used it constantly until I weaned her. It was also nice to be able to peek inside the blanket and see that all was good without having to reposition anything. I seriously LOVED mine and would love another one for when I have my 2nd baby in May.


I have difficulty keeping a blanket in place so that I can nurse in public, but one with clips might do the trick. When my infant son was a couple of months old (he's now 5 months old), we flew to LA with my one year old daughter and mother. My toddler was squirming next to me and my infant was crying. I tried to nurse my infant to sleep, but in the midst of things, he popped off and milk squirted the young guy sitting next to me! Thank goodness the guy was sleeping and didn't notice! Oops!

Karen Rodriguez

I absolutely have a fear of breastfeeding in public. I didnt have a cover and my baby was really hungry while at coffee shop. I actually went into a bathroom (thank goodness it was a one stall private) and sat on one of those little kid step ups to wash thier hands and nursed in the most akward position until the baby was full enough. I killed my back and Im sure people were waiting to use the rest room but I just cant do it.

Rachel Ostlie

Last May, when my daughter was four months old, I went to a state park with a fellow mom, her daughter, my brother, and two sisters-in-law. The fellow mom was confident she knew everything there was to know about hiking in the park, until we got down six flights of wooden stairs with two strollers, and ended up in a rocky creek bed.

We moved the babies to slings and ended up down a path with no end. My daughter was crying and fussy, but the fellow mom was worse off---wearing slipper-like shoes, and extremely nervous and worried that after an hour of hiking we'd never find our way home. There was no opportunity to make everyone pause, discreetly cover up, and nurse the baby. I just hitched my shirt up and nursed the baby in her sling, while I continued forging ahead hiking. It was a little odd, but the warm milk and the swinging motion put the baby to sleep, and nobody seemed to notice.

So, perhaps not as embarrassing or people-filled as other moms' stories, but we made it back safely, the fellow mom didn't have a break-down, and my brother and sisters-in-law never knew the better. :)

Jessica Stewart

With my first I quickly learned to nurse in public (for fear I'd never leave the house if I didn't). I just used a receiving blanket and tucked one corner under my bra strap - worked pretty well but it wasn't fool-proof. I have nursed in some crazy places, like Brookfield Zoo in Chicago as well as Disney World while my husband took my oldest to meet Minnie. Nothing like feeling like your on display in a crowded public place but I just hoped everyone was busy seeing the Disney sights ;)


Nursing in public is not fun but sometimes a must. My first daughter was barely three months old when my husband and I graduated from college on the same day!!! He got his BS and I got an MEd. Thankfully the graduations were at different times of day but took place about two hours driving time from each other at different colleges. His was first so we saved the pumped milk for my graduation that night. Of course right as Daddy is about to recieve his diploma Jordan is dirty and hungry so I found a chair but I had the added issue of needing to use a breast shield which is hard to do discretely and get her latched on and hold a blanket to cover yourself!!! The ceremony dismissed right in the middle of our session and we were surrounded by swarms of people congratulating their loved ones. AHHHH! Anyway we made it through but I think some clippies could have saved us a little trouble. I am 6 months preg with our second girl. They will be 19 months apart and I would love to have a nursing cover that didn't fall off!


I remember the first time I fed my son in public. We were at the mall & I felt so awkward! I found a bench sort of off the main path & used a cover. It wasn't bad. I am now completely comfortable with it. I good cover is a must. I currently have the Baby Au lait cover. It's pretty good.

Carol Amie

I used a nursing cover with my first. Particularly after about 6 months when his squirming had a habit of flashing the world not only my breast but also my insta-belly from pregnancy #2. It really was a lifesaver for someone who was so self-aware when nursing and came in especially handy on airplanes and other adventures. Then #2 came along and nursing in public was exchanged for any dressing room where I could wedge the stroller between my 15 month old and the door to keep him from running away while I fed his sister. 23 months later we welcomed #3. I have nursed her in the middle of her baptism, walking down the aisles of the grocery store, while touring houses with our realtor and anywhere else that she's needed to eat in the last 7 months. I long ago lost the nursing cover and any sense of modesty: it's not like discretion is an option anyway when the bigger kids are constantly announcing to passersby such comments as "Baby Tara eats mommy's boobies" and "I drink cow's milk in a big boy cup but our baby drinks her milk from mommy's breasts!"
I did implement the blanket over baby approach on Christmas Eve when she decided she was famished in the middle of a family meal out. I'm sure my IL's seated directly across the table from "the show" appreciated it a lot more than she did!

Lindsey Johnson

I nursed my first daughter exclusively for about 6 months. I was very hesitant to do it in public and of course when I did, I used a blanket. The problem with this was that it would always slip down. She was a wiggly one and easily distractible, so every time the blanket slipped, she stopped eating (and thereby exposing me too!) I think one of the worst experiences was having to nurse on a military base. Although I was covered up, the nearby stroller gave me away as to what I was doing and all the soldiers walked by and gawked. It was very awkward. I'm now pregnant with #2 and think something like this would be great to keep the blanket in place while I chase #1 at the same time. How do we do all this??


I am moderately comfortable breastfeeding in public, and generally use a blanket to try to be discreet--although sometimes a hot sweaty baby just doesn't want the blanket. With my first son, I was less comfortable and did a lot of nursing in the car, but I nursed my second in a restaurant while eating w/my in-laws (my poor father in law was a bit mortified I think but we were in a really discrete nook so I honestly don't think anyone noticed), at the park, at a baseball game, as I watched Bill Clinton speak at a rally, but my favorite or worst story is when I breastfed my first son on a plane. I've done this many times, but the first time, I was flying alone w/him and I was seated on a very full flight right next to an adolescent boy. I tried to be discrete as possible and was using a wrap to cover us, but there's always at least a little bit of flashing going on. Couldn't tell if he thought he was the luckiest or unluckiest boy alive, but to his credit he just stared straight ahead. I'm now pregnant w/my third, which will make 3 under 3. I bet the clips on this product will help it to stay in place while flailing around trying to get two little boys to behave while breastfeeding the 3rd.

Patty Smolberg

I own a Clip'n'Feed nursing cover and I love it! So handy when I am nursing my young son in public. What's really cool is that it also blocks the sun and wind from my son while he is in the stroller and his baby car seat. Blankets usually fall off and get caught in my stroller wheels. Such a pain. The stroller straps at the bottom also help to keep the cover secure to the stroller. So many problems solved with this Clip'n'Feed! Yeah.

kim fenner

My worst experience in breastfeeding had to be with my firstborn. I was flying with her and she was crying. She wouldn't take the bottle, so I tried breastfeeding her. That was a little more successful, but extremely embarassing (been in an airline seat lately?).


Just last week I was nursing my 5 month old at a friend's house. She has a 3-year old and is expecting her 2nd in two weeks, so her daughter is very curious about everything babies do. She parked herself next to me the whole time Jane was eating with her nose right up against my bare boob and began singing to Jane, "Drink, drink drink, suck on the boobie." I really wanted to laugh, but she was so serious.


My best was when I went out to eat. I brought solids for Izzy, but she didn't want it. She wanted me. So, I nursed her....and this man kept staring at me. I just wanted to flash him to get it over with...but I didn't.

I have a cover that a friend made for me, but I would love to have one to leave in the car instead of having to transfer the other one back and forth.


mine was also in an airplane. i couldn't reach the blanket (which was stowed under the seat due to the warmth), was 4 weeks post-cesarian, and was trying to calm my 2-year-old while nursing my one-month-old. ack!! luckily, it was just the three of us in our side of that row on the plane, but it was not fun! i'm expecting my third (after two girls, we're having a boy) in April and my second will only be 18 months old (will have 3 under 4 for about 2.5 months). i'm hoping for no flying in our near future, but we are moving cross-country when #3 is 3-weeks-old. yikes!


Ugh, trying to nurse discreetly in the airport, or on an airplane, was NO fun. A blanket helps, but I used a light weight receiving blanket, which would fall down. A lot. I mostly just like to have something to cover up while getting the baby to latch. After that, I don't care as much. I've tried using the stroller as a bit of a hedge, too. I'm not ashamed of nursing in public, but I try to keep things on the D.L.

Motherhood Uncensored

Honestly, I never used these, and have found that the best thing, particularly for when they get older and loathe anything over them, is a good nursing shirt over a nursing tank (or even a nursing bra but I need the help holding my post partum belly in). The shirts that are cut in the middle can look great (you should check out BOOB or Momzelle -- really nice). If you've got a little one and are nursing a lot, they're perfect.

But whatever makes you feel most comfy in public you should use.

Motherhood Uncensored

And story -- the back seat of a Studebaker driving from a wedding to a reception.

That would be MY wedding.



Ahh... this story started my blogging life. I wrote an email to my family detailing my horrible breast feeding experience and they laughed so hard that they insisted I start writing these things down. Thus my blog was born. The story involves park nudity and a lot of horrible baby bunching behaviour. I wrote a post today about it in honor of your question. Go read it! It's funny now, but I swear, not so funny at the time.


Sitting in the school office, nursing my youngest (of 4) I was just using a blanket... Well as I went to try and put myself "back together" while holding DS, he spit up all over me. I was too busy trying to clean it off me that I did not realize that I had not put my bra back over my breast and flashed the fire marshall who was inspecting our school!! So yes, a nursing cover would have been great!!

Nursing Tank

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The stroller straps at the bottom also help to keep the cover secure to the stroller. So many problems solved with this Clip'n'Feed!


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