what is baby bunching?

  • Baby Bunching™ is two years of pregnancy and back-to-back infants and toddlers with nary a break for you. Baby Bunching means chaos for you, and your little twiblings. No worries, they become good friends as a result of your bunching strategy. You will become strong, creative, organized, calm and at peace with your new lifestyle without even realizing it.

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Jan 08, 2009


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Motherhood Uncensored

Yeah, I'm in the same boat Cara, although I do have time to do it -- my excuse is work and book deadlines.

There are some great things here (www.exercisetv.tv) -- I didn't find that on my own - a bunch of moms reco'd it.

And I also got Wii FIT for Christmas.

My problem with home workouts is that I can find about 400 other things to do other than do it. Which sort of sucks.

We do have a little gym about 2 miles down the road in another subdivision that we can use and they have a kids room. So I just need to force myself to carve out the 30 minutes and go walk while the baby sits.

So, no answers here. Just empathy!


I have always found more exciting things to do other than workout. I used to love working out in college, but the problem is my eating/drinking.

But this past August upon returning from the beach I was tired of my pooch which extended to my hips and my butt. I found a workout buddy and THIS has made all the difference. Working out has becoming part of my weekly routine--just like everything else, but it's SO much easier to get there when you have a friend beside you cheering you on. I even started to poop out on the treadmill one day and she looked over and told said: "Remember the cheese? Run fat ass! Run!" And dammit, I did.

We also go to the Y and are there enough that they've made new friends and know all the nice little ladies. But I definitely think the workout friend is the biggest motivator.

Oh, also classes. I've never been a class person before, but now I'm doing kickboxing, pilates and a few others. It's hard to wuss out when someone's keeping you motivated for an hour. But I make my workout friend drag me to these too. So much more fun with a friend!

How about stroller fit? Or have a workout playgroup! :-)


Wii Fit here too. I've been finding it really motivating to use at home.


I'm in the same situation, I lack the motivation to do ANYTHING. It's way too hot to take the kids outside during the summer months (actually for about 9 months out of the year) and now that it's actually in the 70's, I've tried the jogging stroller. My son likes to hit my daughter and take whatever toys she has away so that doesn't work so well. Let me know if you figure it out since I need an answer too!


what about cranking on the music once a day and just dancing for a while-with the kids. Sometimes we do this when everyone needs to burn off some steam. when i get down about finding no good time to workout I just think "there is a season for everything" so just hang in there for the next season!


I'm with Jayne on this one "there is a season for everything." Get a pilates DVD and do some dancing around until Josh is a little older and you have your energy back. Plus, you're recovering from the holidays still.


I hear your pain in not being able to make it to the gym. Even though I'm not a busy mom, I have lived in so many places that having a gym membership doesn't make sense. Also, I currently live in Bolivia where outdoor exercising is not very accessible. So, like you, I also need an at home work out.
I solved the problem by:
1. Buying a $50 set of resistance bands
Still not as fun as lifting at the gym, but has enough resistance to get your muscles sore
2. Bought a yoga mat
I do some yoga, but also use it to stand on for the weight lifting
3. Spent time making playlists to work out to
4. Invested in Kathy Smith stuff- a belly dance dvd, and work out routine book. Kathy Smith is likeable and puts together a fun workout.

The hardest part is the motivation. Like you, I prefer the gym atmosphere. Good luck!


I am totally with you on this one. Actually a bunch of friends and I are working on it as our new years resolution. But for at home, try the crunch pilates videos (the one with the purple cover is my favorite). It has 10 minute workouts and there is one specifically for the belly. You can watch it online at netflix or rent it from them to try.
Good luck!


Your post couldn't have come at a better time. i've been struggling with finding time to go to the gym. My children's nap schedules and feeding times make it difficult, not to mention the effort it takes to get out of the house (as you know). I've wondered if this "me" time is worth it. But, I've decided I'm a better mother when I work out. I'm more patient with them and I want to set a healthy example for them. So, I'm looking forward to hearing how others do it and ways to keep the motivation up. Good luck!

Tara Pringle Jefferson

One word: Netflix. They have a ton of exercise DVDs (even ones for postpartum moms) and you can get a new one every week. I like it so far.


emily powell

I can totally sympathize...I'm so tired of looking at my flabby post-baby tummy (although that's not stopping me from eating 2 brownies tonight!) I've heard wii-fit rocks. Also, our on-demand channel offers free exercise shows.
You could also fake it...Hand In Pocket (in Ivy Walk) has the best camis...camis that are made to hide muffin tops. They seriously work and are so worth the money! They also have the BEST purses, by the way...


I just had baby number three (three in under three years) 10 weeks ago. There is 0 chance of me being able to "go" anywhere to workout so about a month ago I started walking on the treadmill early in the morning when the kids were sleeping or in the evenings when my husband is home. I also have been doing some sit-ups, leg lifts, and free weights. My motivation is that I am in a wedding in August and none of the other bridesmaids have children...so not fair! I also started weight watchers and have lost 4 pounds in the first week!


One of the best purchases we have ever made was our treadmill. We actually bought ours several years ago pre-bunch. I thought my husband was crazy to waste so much money but that thing has gotten used at least 2-3 times a week for the past 6 years. The key for us was actually getting a good quality piece of equipment. At the time I was worried about the cost, but we've gotten our monies worth. At 4.5 months post-partum now, I don't have much energy to do much, but I will walk at a slow rate while watching TV and it does help.

Ninja Mom

i lost weight by getting PPD and not eating, but I don't recommend it.



No advice, but have to say I LOVED "Get in Shape, Girl" too!!

Cara Fox

I wish I was discplined enough to implement all the wonderful at-home workout solutions you girls are suggesting. Now the Wii Fit - THAT is something I could maybe see myself getting into it - some of my friends IRL swear by it too. Too mad my damn husband bought an XBox. Do you think I could break a sweat playing Rock Bad?


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