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  • Baby Bunching™ is two years of pregnancy and back-to-back infants and toddlers with nary a break for you. Baby Bunching means chaos for you, and your little twiblings. No worries, they become good friends as a result of your bunching strategy. You will become strong, creative, organized, calm and at peace with your new lifestyle without even realizing it.

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Aug 09, 2008


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My first two children are 20 months apart. We bumped our daughter out of the crib to a mattresss on the floor when she was 17 months old. We baby-gated the door so we could still easily hear her and contain her in her room. She often moved to the floor by the gate to be as close to up and feel asleep on the floor. We just moved her to her bed each night. Eventually she stayed put in the bed. Baby #2 was bumped out of the crib to a bed when he was 22 months and stayed put from day one. We were firm and consistent the first week and from there - no looking back.


My children are 19.5 months apart and we opted for a 2nd crib when #2 was born. My daughter was sleeping so well in her crib and we didn't want to mess with a good thing! It worked out well. We bought an inexpensive crib for #2. We ended up moving our daughter to a bed when she was 2.5yo. A good tip is to try to borrow a 2nd crib...if you have friends who are not using their crib for an extended time.


Thanks so much for the site-
Although I am not having/cannot have any more -
I'm passing on your link to my brother and his wife ;)


Our two oldest boys are 19 months apart. When #2 came along, we left #1 in the crib as long as possible. #2 did just fine first in the cradle in our room, then in the pack and play in his own room until #1 was ready to move to a mattress on the floor. We figured if he fell out of bed it wouldn't be very far!


My babes are 13 months apart. I did not want to buy a second crib. An easy, cheap solution is a pack n play! My newborn sleep in the bassient part for several months. And when she was ready to move into the crib, her older brother was ready for a big boy bed.

A pack n play is a super solution for those who don't want the expense or the space-taking second crib.

Kira =]

I kept my oldest in the crib until she outgrew it by height or weight (which happened when she turned 2). But since they are 17 months apart I had to find another crib, and through a trade I received a friend's portable crib. Yay! But a porta-crib just doesn't cut it for a baby as it gets bigger. Add to that I had #3 only 15 months after #2.

So I am the proud owner of 1 toddler bed, 2 full size cribs, 1 porta-crib, & 2 pack n plays (because you have to have something for trips). =]


My two youngest are 18 months apart, and we had the new baby in our room for the first ~3 months in a co-sleeper next to the bed. We only have 3 bedrooms, so baby was with us, toddler had a crib in her own room, and our older son had his own room with bunk beds (but slept on the bottom). We knew that two would eventually have to room together, but I could NOT for the life of me figure out how to put the toddler with the baby. (She likes to sing and talk to herself for a while before going to sleep.) We switched her for a few days into the bottom bunk, and when that seemed non-eventful (amazingly!), we bumped the baby to the other crib-room, and YEAH, we had our bedroom back! It's worked just fine since then-- naptime and bedtime, and she's only gotten out of bed once. We have a lot of challenges in our family, so I'm thankful this wasn't one of them! :)


Yes, yes, yes to the pack-n-play! My youngest slept in it for several months as well. It was great because it could be moved to anywhere in the house. Then, like the former commenter said, she moved into the crib just as the oldest moved into a big girl bed.

Honestly, if I'd known I never really would have gotten a crib in the first place. Just a really really good pack-n-play. My kids learned to climb out of their crib so early that having it vs. the pack-n-play at that age wouldn't have made a difference anyway. More importantly was the big girl bed with a childproofed room and a really good baby gate at the door to their room.


I don't have #2 yet (2 more months) but let me shamelessly plug the cribs we got: They are Mini Cribs by Da Vinci (we got the Emily style, there is also another one but I forgot the name of it. Annabelle or Annette or something.)

They are smaller than regular cribs (you have to buy portable crib bedding) and will both fit into the same room without it being crowded.

They don't have a drop side. They are not as tall as a regular crib, and the mattress height is adjustable, so it's not too tough to get the baby in there. I'm 5'1" and with the front "roll" bar off the emily crib, I can bend in half over the edge of the crib. My husband is 6'4" and has a bad back. We worried that he'd have trouble putting the baby in at the lowest setting, but it's not too low for him.

They come in lots of finishes so it's easy to match them to other furniture. You can actually buy them on Amazon or other online stores and you can find them on sale, or with free shipping, all the time. (At the time of this post, Diapers.com has them for $200 and free shipping.)

They are light but sturdy, they fit through doorways and down hallways without being disassembled, and best of all? They convert into a twin bed when you're done using them as a crib. (Who wants to get a regular size crib that converts into a full size bed... what toddler/preschooler needs a full size bed?!)

And I swear, nobody paid me anything to write this. They're just THAT cool.

Baby cots

Me too actually. I would actually rock this stuff in a room lol.

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bubs and grubs

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bubs and grubs

The clients have an opportunity when they are a member of the club in that and they can join in VIP bubs and Grubs club. The members can become a lifetime member when they are subscribed in the special packages. The clients can add any kind of feedback, comment and complaints and also compliment related to your experiences.

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