what is baby bunching?

  • Baby Bunching™ is two years of pregnancy and back-to-back infants and toddlers with nary a break for you. Baby Bunching means chaos for you, and your little twiblings. No worries, they become good friends as a result of your bunching strategy. You will become strong, creative, organized, calm and at peace with your new lifestyle without even realizing it.

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Aug 19, 2010


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*waves hand* I'm the other 6m-apart-er. Yep. Shockingly, sometimes IVF does work! Whoda thunk it?

(But can we think it again real hard for a few days and make it so again??)

I agree....I think my family is better for it. Psychotic and crazy and OHMYGOSH WHAT are we DOING trying seriously for MORE....but....also very very good. My husband and I were just talking today about how different our life would look if the first pregnancy I had had panned out...single baby, no adoption, no Ava. Different Ethan. Sad, definitely sad!

I'll admit it....while I do not want twins because of the riskiness for everyone involved during pregnancy, I feel a little sad that future babies likely won't get the awesomeness that these two get to have together.

Cara Fox

Hi Jess - Didn't want to call you out, but thanks for waving your hand. : ) We love the great advice you always share - thanks for chiming in!


Today my 2 week old and 17 month old took turns screaming for an hour, causing both to miss much needed sleep. Of all days, I appreciate this most today.

Thank you.

Cara Fox

Glad we could be there in your hour of need, Elaina. Hang in there!


SO good to read this. My little Bunchers are quite grown now (nearly 6 and 4.5 yrs old!) but we have just welcomed our 3rd daughter, it's the middle of the 6-week vacation here in the UK and Dear Husband goes back to work on Monday...I have been wondering how I am going to do it all. BUT, I think I will manage! I raised a newborn & a 19 month old, and potty trained the eldest with the littlest crawling around, didn't I? Lots of Baby Bunchers do it every day, and we don't know until we try just what we are capable of when nurturing our families. Thanks for this, Cara x


Today I met the owner of a great bakery in my neighborhood, and upon seeing my 9-month-old and 20-month-old, she shared that her children are only 14 months apart. She and I agreed that despite the crazy hours, days, nights, and years, it is totally worth it to have them so close...and that only the STRONG survive it :)


I'm still looking for a local mommy friend network... Hopefully it happens sooner rather than later!


Thanks for encouragment...on a day when neither the 10 month old nor the 27 month old would go to sleep for their naps (took an hour!); this was a welcome read.


Thanks for the encouragement,Cara.Since the kids are sick,they will rarely get off my back.As you this too shall pass.

maria wilson

my friend adopted a baby, but by the time the adoption was final she was about ready to deliver her biological child. She became a mom for the first time to a 14 month old and an infant in the space of two weeks! I don;t know how she did it, but she did, and as you say, is stronger for it.


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