what is baby bunching?

  • Baby Bunching™ is two years of pregnancy and back-to-back infants and toddlers with nary a break for you. Baby Bunching means chaos for you, and your little twiblings. No worries, they become good friends as a result of your bunching strategy. You will become strong, creative, organized, calm and at peace with your new lifestyle without even realizing it.

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Jul 13, 2009


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He he! Great advice! I would add to the list to prepare your spouse to be more hands on, b/c when he came home and there were two kids - it is all hands on deck.

I also got him to help w/ night feedings (pumped or formula - not opening a debate :-) b/c with the first he just said,"but you can sleep when she does." Not so much when big baby is trying to take apart the vcr and little baby is fussing.

Baby two really upped his level of involvment and helped keep my insanity level where it had been vs. going up (most of the time).


Great article... I'm 4 1/2 months pregnant with an 8 1/2 month old. The sleeping seems to be the key for me. Sleep as much as I can and I survive :)


Be prepared for morning sickness even if you didn't have it in your first pregnancy. I did not have ANY morning sickness the first time, and it came as a huge surprise.

For me, carrying a 30 pound toddler while pregnant really took a toll on me. My big baby was not walking until my 2nd trimester and has always had bad separation anxiety, so I carried him alot. I never stopped carrying him, but my body paid a price. I'd have shooting pains down my legs and would be unable to move after he went to bed. I took alot of warm baths to relieve the pain.

I wouldn't bother trying to prepare the toddler for the baby. My son called my belly a ball. Be flexible on whether you have your toddler visit you in the hospital. We didn't have my son visit, as it would have caused an awful tantrum when he needed to leave.

Katherine Rosania

Thank you SO much for posting this "series"...it's perfect timing. I'm 36 weeks pregnant with a 13 month who isn't walking yet and your site has already given me (and my husband) so much good, practical info.

One really helpful thing we've done was hiring a mother's helper for the end of the pregnancy and early post-partum. She comes a couple mornings a week just to play with Big Baby and help with lunch so I can keep my feet up and rest. It has gotten him used to other people and gives me a break. We also hired a cleaning service 2x/month, which has been a such a load off. We are not rolling in the dough, trust me, but decided to cut out/ back other spending to put these things in place to make the end of the pregnancy and transition with the new baby easier. And they have definitely made a big, big difference. I don't feel nearly as drained and can really enjoy the time I spend with my Big Baby.

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Many are reading on and getting informed. My friends and I enjoys reading this.

Mama Cas

be prepared for ANYTHING to happen.

i am not kidding... we had everything planned for d-day for #2... brought a family member up to visit and stay with us for the last couple weeks of pregnancy, and a week or two afterward...

well, LydiaBug decided she was really really comfortable in there, and stayed in a week and 2 days more... so PP help was not as plentiful as we were hoping for...

and we needed it...

because about 3 hours after i delivered, BuzzyBee decided that this would be a great time for her to jump off a stack of boxes in the living room... everyone thought it was fine till i (in exhaustion) finally said just take the limping toddler to the er, it's not like we aren't here already...

so like i said... prepare for ANYTHING


My two are now 20 months and 6 months. Pregnancy was rough the second go-round...my heart goes out to all reading who are going through it! Not only does being prego again take it's toll, but lugging around Mr. Big was no joke!

One small tidbit I'd offer is to hold off on encouraging your walking Bigs to ditch the stroller now and then. Even if while pregnant it may be more of a pain (literally) to lug out the stroller and put Big in it just for those quick trips... it will be worth it once Little comes and you need to count on Big being happy when strapped into the stroller again.

Also, we never had Big come to the hospital once baby came. He stayed with Grandma until we came home and then joined us. It made the transition easier I think because he was on his home turf when all the newness entered his world.

Leigh Anne

Oh I wish I had seen this before having my #2! Although mine are 20 months apart, the pregnancy sent me reeling and was really rough on all of us. The post partum period was almost just as bad. Things are so much better now though!


Great tips!!!! I just found this blog. I am 9 weeks along and I have a 4 month old son and a 5 year old daughter and I am scared out of my mind. Any more words of wisdom and kindness would be GREATLY appreciated.


i have a 13 month old and am 20 weeks pregnant........i was wondering if there is any advice on gettin him walking b4 the next baby comes :)


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Wow, great information. I try to find it.

Ultra CJ

Bless you for this information. I feel much less alone. I'm putting this on my favorites for my last six weeks of pregnancy and my new life with two little boys who will be 16 months apart!

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