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  • Baby Bunching™ is two years of pregnancy and back-to-back infants and toddlers with nary a break for you. Baby Bunching means chaos for you, and your little twiblings. No worries, they become good friends as a result of your bunching strategy. You will become strong, creative, organized, calm and at peace with your new lifestyle without even realizing it.

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Nov 20, 2008


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So far baby wearing has worked for me! My husband loves wearing the ergo on his back with DS1. I'm hoping I can be a little more mobile with DC2 (eta 4/11/09) around the house than with my ring sling or pouch-I do enjoy those for malling it, etc-but I really want a Moby for when baby gets here!!! I feel I may need 2 free hands for chasing DS1- and the Moby looks more secure than my ring and pouch!!

What a fun contest!!!

Jenny P

Ooh, I'd love to win one, since I can't afford to buy one. To date, babywearing only works for me when I am standing up straight or walking, which isn't often. Carrying #1 around made my back muscles strong enough, but I think maybe my arms are too short. I can't reach around baby and into the sink to wash dishes. Too dangerous to wear baby while cooking and baby doesn't like dangling when I bend over to deal with #1. Dishes, cooking, and dealing with DS represent most of my day.

Motherhood Uncensored

I wore my son for his first 8 months and it looks like I'm going that direction with #3. She only naps on me.

I have a few different wraps. I like the Mei Tai when they are a bit older, but the Moby (or Picara -- that's the one I have and I love it, less bulky and lighter) is great for newborns. Plus it hides them away so people can't touch.


I wore my son in a sling for his first three months or so, at which point, he was too big and heavy for me (for the sling). I'm expecting a second child (they'll be 18 months apart), so I'll definitely be wearing her while I'm chasing around a toddler. I'd love to try a Moby wrap or something similar this time around - hope I win!


I am all for some baby-wearing! Its the only way to snug a baby up to you and free your hands to push a double stroller. The only downside (for me!) is that I swear, being snuggled up to the, um, chest area, made my girls want to nurse instantly! I've only used the bjorn, and while I like it I've always loved wanted a sling..it just looks so comfy for everyone and so much less...mechanical? I'd love to be entered for the next little bundle (shh...no telling yet!)

morninglight mama

I had a sling that I seriously just couldn't get the hang of... it always felt like my baby was going to fall out. I looked up pictures online to see how I should do it, and asked lots of moms, but it just never worked for me. I have a mai-tai (I think it's called??) that works for forward facing or on my back. I've heard magnificent things about the moby, and that it's really versatile as the baby gets older-- which is where we are with my youngest just turning one last week!


I love wearing my 6 month old son, usually in my hot sling. It has been a life-saver on so many days and nights. We're expecting our second baby, just 12 months after our first, so I KNOW baby #2 will be worn all the time if I'm chasing after a one year old.


When my third is born in a few weeks, babywearing is just going to be part of my daily life. My other babies loved to be held close.

Kari Welch

We wore both Max and Owen in a variety of carriers. I loved seeing David carry Owen in the Maya wrap as an infant. He would be snuggled into his chest. David would be the only Daddy at the mall wearing a baby. They always turned heads.

Now Owen is almost 3 and I still wear him in an Ergo on my back (okay he's small for his age). But it is still one of his favorite places to cat nap.


Baby wearing definitely works for us! I can only carry our 10 month old daughter on my back in the mei tai now because otherwise she bounces on daughter #2 in the tummy bump but she's been either in the mei tai or a linen wrap pretty much every where we got and a good share of the time around the house since she was born! Most of the time, especially for grocery shopping where the cart is a must, it's just soooo much easier than lugging the stroller or infant carseat.


Baby wearing definitely works for us! I can only carry our 10 month old daughter on my back in the mei tai now because otherwise she bounces on daughter #2 in the tummy bump but she's been either in the mei tai or a linen wrap pretty much every where we got and a good share of the time around the house since she was born! Most of the time, especially for grocery shopping where the cart is a must, it's just soooo much easier than lugging the stroller or infant carseat.


Baby wearing definitely works for us! I can only carry our 10 month old daughter on my back in the mei tai now because otherwise she bounces on daughter #2 in the tummy bump but she's been either in the mei tai or a linen wrap pretty much every where we got and a good share of the time around the house since she was born! Most of the time, especially for grocery shopping where the cart is a must, it's just soooo much easier than lugging the stroller or infant carseat.


I'm not entering the contest, but wanted to talk about babywearing. I wore my son...only in the Bjorn...and loved it. Then with my daughter, I threw her into the first sling I could find. Hated the sling, but she loved to be in there and I got so much done that I didn't care. I wished I had tried one of the other wraps out there.

Ninja Mom

I wore all my babies to some degree, especially my second, who was crazy colicky. People give you a funny look though when you have one on your back and a newborn in arms!


First post on Linda's blog! On the topic, I've tried all kinds of babywearing contraptions. Favorite so far has been the Hotsling---too easy and works with toddlers, too! Biggest letdown was the Ergo. I haven't tried a Moby yet, though.


Funny, just as I came across this blog, I plopped my 19lb 4 month old into a wrap. She just loves to be held but my back & shoulders are aching. The wrap is the only way I give her what she needs & still get chores done.


I already have a Moby but wanted to second its usefulness... DD#2 LOVED to nap in it when she was small. Then she preferred the Hotslings pouch so that she could sit up and peek out at the world (or really, her big sister's playdates). Now we switch between an Ergo and a Mei Tai and I can't imagine life without them! I really don't know how I'd keep up with my preschooler if I couldn't wear my 9 month old everywhere!

Carol Amie

Baby wearing not only works for me, it's saved my sanity! On those particularly rough days it makes me Super Mom...able to leap giant buildings *and* get my three under 4 out of Costco after an unexpected meltdown despite their protests and best "limp baby" impersonations. If I couldn't wear my youngest we'd never leave our living room.

Jayne Barbour

I never wore my baby as often as I should have. The Bjorn would tend to hurt my shoulders but now that there is so much great talk about the Moby and the Ergo Carrier, I think I have no other choice than to give it a go. Considering I am getting ready to have my third (and last:) with the other two being 3 and 1, I really have no choice! Thanks for the opportunity to enter this contest-and for such a great supportive site! I love checking in daily for new tips and the feeling of not being alone in this baby-bunching life!:)

Andrea Gonzales

I struggled with baby wearing when my son was a newborn. I really think that he did not like being snuggled in a laying down position. Now that he is 6 mo I would like to try it with him facing up and out. I have heard great things about the Moby Wrap.....

alexis lloyd

I had to comment on this one. I have a cheaper baby wearing device, the hip hugger. I love wearing the baby with me. We took her to Disney World and I bought it because I needed it in line, but I really enjoy using it. I feel like she close to me and it keeps my hands free. She also loves it. One women said ehhhh, it looks like a baby is growing out of you. Whatever :)


I have 10 month old triplets. I have not yet tried babywearing, because I can only wear one at a time. But I would really love to try it so I could wear one and have hands free for the other two. Then I could actually get out of the house with all three. Or am I just plain crazy?? The Moby Wrap sounds great!


I have 3 under the age of 5 and can only survive through baby wearing. I often rotate the two youngest. One in the stroller and one on my back. This is usually the trick I use to get the middle child to comply. She loves the Baby Hawk. I use Baby Hawk through out the day with my `10 month old. Without I would never get the kitchen clean, the clothes put away, the floors vacuumed, etc. I have a large wrap the comes in handy during my two year old's Wee Play class. I wrap my son to my front and he naps while I chase after her in class. The down side is that nice shirts are rather a wasted when wearing your kids. Not a big deal but certainly something to consider when getting dressed in the morning.


Babywearing works for me. Currently I am single parent and it is the best pay for me to get the kids anywhere and leaves me a free hand to get things done!

Wife and Mommy

I love babywearing! It works for us because BabyMuffin doesn't care for his stroller. And I particularly enjoy having BabyMuffin close to me since he is my last baby!


I have a "high needs" baby and babywearing allows me to be able to go to the bathroom. I know I've crossed into that, yup, you're a mom when you wear the baby to the bathroom


So far, not so much. We have a Bjorn and something like a Bjorn, and after a short period they KILL my back- even with a small baby weighing nothing! I would love to have a carrier that I did like for baby #3 and #4 and #.... !


Baby wearing worked great for me with baby #3. He so much loved being in my wrap and I loved having him close to me while I wore him. The feel of his warm breath on my chest is undescribable! He would fall asleep in an instant. If he was cranky because he was having a hard time falling asleep on his own, I would take him, put on my wrap and put him in. He would fall asleep almost immediately. If he was crying due to teething and nothing else worked, I would put him in my wrap and bounce him on my exercise ball. There is no doubt in my mind that he remembers being in his wrap. I only wish I would have known about baby wearing with my girls. Carrying him in the wrap vs the infant carrier, was a breeze. Going to the mall with him in the wrap was super easy. I did not need a double stroller until he was almost 1 and becoming mobile.
I highly recommend baby wearing.



I've never been able to get used to baby wearing. Maybe it's because I've never had a carrier that worked well for me. I haven't tried the Moby and would love to...I'm thinking that the third baby will be "worn" a lot.

Elizabeth Gallo

Baby wearing is key to baby bunching! Both of my babies love it. My seventeen-month-old has graduated from sling to mei tei, and enjoys being carried around on her dad's back where she can see everything. My three month old likes the ring sling and the mei tai in the front carry. Baby wearing makes chores, shopping and young toddler chasing much easier, and still allows me great contact bonding with my newborn. If you are a buncher or you're going to be, you have to try it.

Jenny Andrews

I have 3 under 3 (oldest turns 3 in two weeks, youngest is 2 months) and have been using my pouch sling from 360 bebe (www.360bebe.com) religiously. I seriously don't know how I could get through a day without wearing the 2-month old. I'm considering adding a Zolowear ring sling to my collection and eventually an Ergo. I have loved wearing the babies and they are so content when they are in there just right. As regards the stroller discussion, with my two youngest 13 months apart, we purchased the double Combi so that the infant seat can go in back and "big" sister in front. Three year old then holds onto the side OR rides while 2-mo. old goes in the pouch OR the 15-mo. old goes in the pouch on the hip and the baby & 3-yr ride in the stroller. It's working really well for errands. The stroller is super light for a double & easy to maneuver. I also have the double BOB which I LOVE for everything outdoors. There is no substitute in my mind.

For those looking for advice/options/camaraderie with babywearing there is a group that meets regularly at the Austin Baby Store. They have a sling library that is quite varied and are very sweet, helpful & encouraging.


For me, babywearing is usually far more convenient than dealing with a stroller. My Ergo weighs considerably less than even the lightest umbrella stroller, and my 8-month-old daughter prefers being snuggled up next to me than in a seat of her own. She enjoys the ride when she's awake and alert (and gets lots of compliments, since she's not far from most people's eye level -- a nice bonus!), and when she's sleepy, she just conks out readily against my chest (and this from a child who typically is high maintenance when it comes to getting her to sleep). I recently flew from the DC area to Atlanta and back with my daughter, just her and me, and the Ergo was invaluable in the airport. I walked through security with her snuggled up in it; had she been in a stroller, I would have had to take her out and put her back in. There were no worries about checking the stroller at the gate or fitting it into the car with all of my luggage. And, of course, my hands were free to text message my husband, buy food for the flight, and carry my bags. But, most importantly, I just enjoy having my daughter close to me like that. I knew I'd enjoy babywearing, but I didn't realize how much I'd love it.


With DD we only had a snugli that someone gave us and a pouch sling that I bought. She very much preferred the snugli. She was a very colicy baby but was always very happy in the snugli. DH and I both would carry her in it daily until it broke when she was almost a year old. I wish we could afford all the different types of slings for DD #2 coming soon. I would love to try the moby, ergo, ring sling and all the others I've read about. BTW- We never suffered any back pain even with just a snugli.


I need this wrap! I followed directions online to make my own baby wrap- it's basically just a 5 yard long piece of fabric that you cut to the right width. I do like it, but it drags on the ground when I'm trying to put it on and is a pain. It does work and actually you have 2 others left over after you cut the fabric, so you can give them away or sell them, which is nice. But, how I would love a "real" wrap!


I never heard the term babybuncher, but I am one! I loved my moby, but I did find that it took a long time to get into with my 22 month old screaming around my ankles. Once I got used to it, it was great. I use an ergo carrier when we go out in public. Yesterday I made the mistake of leaving it at home. Never again!

Sarah S

I wore my first child constantly. With a second one on the way, I know I will need to wear the baby a lot. It's so much easier, especially in those earlier months than dealing with a stroller and all the crap you shove in it.


Oh, YES! I am a babywearing FOOL. Even made up a rhyme about it:


would LOVE LOVE LOVE to win this contest!


Oh my goodness! We couldn't live without our Moby wrap. We have two sets of twins less than 26 months apart and we always need more hands than we have! With our first set, I tried to wear them both in slings, but never quite got the hang of it, but this time around I invested in the Moby (even though I already had two slings) and it was worth every penny and then some. My husband even wears it and is just as big a fan, maybe even a bigger fan, than I. It is so nice to be able to have my hands free to tend to my older two while holding one of my youngest. We take our Moby everywhere, the playground, the grocery store, you name it, we've Moby-ed there! Also, we are excited about using it on our backs when the girls are a little bigger so we will be able to get a little more done around the house! I would recommend every new mom get one of these wraps- they are the best purchase I have made since having kids!


It works for me so I can care for my 4yo,2yo and 3month old twins all at the same time - the twins are to big to wear together but even wearing one helps.

NP Mommy

Baby wearing has worked for me! I wore my son in a pouch sling for much of his first 3 months of life- it was great, he calmed down, fell asleep and I had my hands free to do what I want. Now that he is 10 months old I wear him on my hip for shopping or being out. I also loved taking him for long walks in the baby bjorn when he was younger (and lighter). I've actually been thinking about trying a Moby Wrap for baby #2. I'd love to be able to nurse in the wrap- I never could do it in the pouch sling!


i've made several ring slings and loved using them when my daughter was 2-6 months old, but then she got too big to willingly cradlehold and i had a hard time figuring out the other holds and gave up. i'm having baby #3 in april and i'd love to try a mobywrap!


Baby wearing worked for me! I think it is so much more beneficial to babies than being carried around in a carseat and not touched from house, to car, to store, to car, to house again...Baby's need touching to grow both physically and emotionally. There are therapists in hospitals that go in just to touch the babies in the premie ward b/c of how beneficial it is to children.


Love babywearing.... with 4 kids , 8 years and younger, I love having my hands free... well, a little more free..... only wish the weather here in Michigan allowed more wearing.... it is hard to shuffle her in and out of the car seat -- to/from the sling!


I wore my first daughter as much as I could when she was a baby. It was so much easier than struggling with a stroller up and down the stairs when I was going for a short walk. I used to wear her and just walk around the house to soothe her or get her to sleep. Now I am pregnant with #2 and can't wait to wear this baby too! I imagine baby-wearing will be a necessity to have my hands free as I'm chasing after my 3 year-old.


I wore my son until he could walk, and I loved it. It used to seem so strange to me if I saw anyone with a baby carrier. But now, what is strange is seeing a poor soul carrying a baby, and using a stroller to push her diaper bag around!

Courtney from Mommie Blogs

very timely give-away. babywearing works for me. my son was always a big guy, so having the sling helped me not only keep him close, but actually just hold him all the time.


sign me up. i'll be an official baby buncher in january.


i got a bjiorn when my son was born and i HATED it! it hurt my back more than being 9+ months pregnant and he wasn't very comfortable in it. i couldn't afford another pricey carrier, so i decided to make my own wrap. i now have 2 that i've made an my son (now 17 1/2 months) and i both love them. he loves to be worn and it's much easier than having him walk to pushing my too-short stroller. i can't wear him on my front anymore b/c of my now-pregnant belly, but i've managed to figure out how to get him on my back, so i'm back to wearing him when we go out.

i always get alot of comments and questions when i wear my son. alot of people assume it's hard to use a wrap, others don't believe that i'm comfortable (even before i got pregnant this was people's biggest concern), and most are amazed when i tell them otherwise.

i'm hoping to be able to keep wearing ds after baby #2 arrives in april, and a baby wearer can never have too many carriers! :)


Babywearing took me a while to get used to. My husband had to leave for six weeks when our son was 4 wks old so I bought a wrap. It took me a while to figure out how to tie it and use it, but he quickly loved it and it gave me my hands back so I could make myself food, straighten up around the house, and go grocery shopping. We have our next one due in June (our first will be 18 months old) and I'm not sure how long my hubby will be around this time (he's in the military), but we will definately be babywearing. The Moby looks like it would be awesome and easier than a wrap!


I wore my first for the first four months almost 24/7. He wanted to be close to me and I needed free hands, so it worked well. Unfortunatley, I'm a larger breasted woman and couldn't nurse while wearing him and that was really the only drawback.

Number two is due in two weeks and with number one at seventeen months, I expect the infant will spend a lot of time in the sling.

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